Tool history

Benchware tools have been developed over many years, reflecting extensive experience in performance tuning and benchmarking projects. The Benchware Loader was originally developed for the Credit Suisse Data Warehouse Re-Architecture Program. This program was decorated by the IT steering committee as the most successful infrastructure project conducted within Credit Suisse during 1999.

Since then the tools have been continuously enhanced to reflect technology developments within the area of storage, server and database systems. Over 20 performance experts have since contributed in developing the tools further. In the meantime we have used the Performance Suite in over 100 benchmarks.

Benchware Ltd.

Benchware was founded in 2011. It is a self-financed company with no external capital or investors. Its legal form is that of a private limited company. Benchware is a vendor-independent company, offering services and software products for performance analysis and for benchmarking Oracle platforms and applications.

Benchware employees have a long track record of experience in designing, implementing, running and optimizing mission-critical Oracle database systems, as well as in developing innovative benchmark methods.


Benchware Consultants have a long track of Oracle experience:

  • Oracle RDBMS since 1984 (Oracle 3.1)
  • Oracle Clustering since 1992 (Oracle 6.2 on MPP systems like nCube)
  • Oracle DWH Benchmarking since 1995 (Oracle 7.1)
  • Oracle OLTP Benchmarking since 1998 (Oracle 8.0)
  • Oracle Exadata Benchmarking since 2010 (Exadata V2, X2, X3 and X4)