Customer Value

  • Identifies Key Performance Metrics of Oracle Data Warehouse, OLTP and SAP platforms
  • Designed for all platform layers: server, storage and database system

Benchmark Tool

  • Representative performance tests
  • Comprehensive
  • Reproducible
  • Scalable
  • Fast

Benchware Loader

The Benchware Loader analyses the system performance of Oracle platforms

  • for all major database operations
  • in different load situations
  • from a single process up to complete system saturation.

It examines both best and worst case performance. All components of the platform (server, storage and database system) are checked for their performance characteristics and limitations. Bottlenecks will be detected immediately.

The Benchware Loader delivers simple and understandable key performance metrics. These are the foundation for validating the chosen system architecture and for capacity planning when upgrading systems or consolidating servers and databases. Performance metrics are also utilized, taking into consideration Oracle license costs, to conduct price-performance platform comparisons.

The Benchware Loader, written in SQL, PL/SQL and Java, runs on all Oracle platforms and scales from small server to very large high-end systems. It uses synthetic data and allows benchmarks to be repeated and compared at any time to verify the impact of system changes on overall application performance.

The Benchware Loader is also valuable for comparing system performance when using different Oracle features such as Real Application Cluster, Data Guard, compression, encryptionor flash cache technologies.