Customer Value

  • Collects only important performance statistics
  • Uses less resources than other tools
  • Available for both Oracle Enterprise and Oracle Standard Editions
  • Does not require Oracle Diagnostic Pack license
  • Collects performance statistics for server, storage, network, database and application software

Benchware Monitor

Oracle provides several hundred performance statistics. The Benchware Monitor collects only the most important performance statistics of an Oracle database server, including information about the server, storage system and network. It provides a complete picture of the utilization and performance characteristics of all resources.

The Benchware Monitor reads the performance statistics directly from the database kernel. Therefore it is much faster and uses fewer resources than tools such as STATSPACK or AWR. The Benchware Monitor causes almost no overhead to the system and is therefore suitable for production systems.

The Benchware Monitor recognizes newer technologies such as flash cache (only for Solaris and OEL) and the Exadata storage cell, and collects the appropriate performance statistics.

The Benchware Monitor is a tool for database administrators and system engineers, and provides performance reports in a compact and well-arranged format.