Customer Value

  • Oracle system immediately meets service level requirements
  • Enhanced efficiency of hardware resources
  • Rapid goal achievement

Performance Tuning

Benchware follows an holistic performance tuning approach to optimize performance of applications and hardware infrastructure:

  • Platform analysis: analysis of current platform including storage, server, database, middleware, etc.
  • Volumes and metrics: gathering application volumes and metrics concerning data, users, transactions, query optimizer statistics and system statistics
  • Transaction profiles: identifying the most critical online transactions and batch jobs; monitoring performance and analyzing Oracle trace files, in order to identify the root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Catalog of measures: elaborating a catalog of necessary steps to be taken with their potential impact on performance, time and cost to implement, but also the risk and possible side effects
  • Implementation of measures and verification of performance improvements.

Benchware Consultants have a long track record in designing, implementing, running and optimizing mission-critical Oracle database systems for both, online transaction processing systems (OLTP) as well as data warehouse systems (DWH).