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Presentation at DOAG Exaday in Frankfurt: “Is there any alternative to Exadata X5?”
Presentation at Swiss Oracle User Group Annual Meeting in Baden about new Exadata X5 database machine.
New Benchmark results available for POWER8 server together with IBM Flash Storage. These new technologies may have tremendous impact to Oracle license and support costs on IBM platforms.
Gartner positions PureStorage technology in the upper right quadrant. Benchware presents first Oracle benchmark results on PureStorage FA-420 at the Datacenter@Night event in Zürich.
Benchware Presentation at DOAG Exa Days in Nürnberg: Exadata Systems compared to conventional Oracle platforms.
Benchware Presentation at SOUG General Meeting in Baden: Flash Technology for Oracle Database Platforms – Vendor Comparison with Benchmark Results.

Benchware Ltd is an independent company, offering services and software products for System Architecture, Performance Optimization and Benchmarking Oracle platforms and applications.

Benchware Ltd. has become a leading source of independent performance benchmark data for Oracle platforms.


Benchware provides a unique benchmark methodology in order to identify key performance metrics of Oracle platforms. These metrics will be used for benchmarking Oracle platforms for optimal price-performance ratio, taking into consideration Oracle license costs.

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Performance Assessment - Health Check - Testing an Architecture

Benchware certifies the performance of Oracle platforms to ensure, that all performance requirements by applications can be satisfied. This certification can be used for service level agreements between IT operations and the business user.

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Performance Tuning

Based on a root cause analysis, we propose a catalog of measures with their potential impact on performance, time and cost to implement, but also the risk and possible side effects.

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System Architecture, Reviews, Technical Project Management

Benchware follows a structured approach in order to design and implement large Oracle systems with a high demand on performance, security, stability and availability.

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