Customer Value

  • Delivers simple and understandable key performance metrics
  • Validates performance characteristics (health-check)
  • Detects performance bottlenecks
  • Identifies Oracle license cost optimization potential
  • Determines price-performance ratio of Oracle platforms


Data Sheet


How fast is your car? You probably know key performance metrics like speed, acceleration and horsepower. But how fast is your Oracle platform? The performance of Oracle systems is unpredictable – unless you are running a benchmark. Benchmarks are essential in order to calibrate and certify the Oracle platform performance for service level agreements between IT operations and business users.

Only benchmarks deliver key performance metrics of Oracle platforms to compare price-performance ratios of different:

  • Architectures
  • Components such as server and storage systems
  • Configurations
  • Technologies such as real application cluster, data guard, compression, encryption or flash cache

Our benchmark methodology delivers simple and understandable key performance metrics. Performance metrics provide the foundation for validating the chosen system architecture and for capacity planning when upgrading systems or consolidating servers and databases. These metrics are also utilized, taking into consideration Oracle license costs, to conduct price-performance comparisons.


The alternative to systematic benchmarking are proof-of-concepts with application software. Proof-of-concepts are complicated, time consuming and expensive. The results may be disappointing, because they show a possible performance improvement of an application with new technology. But it does not necessarily identify the performance limits of this new technology. Applications must be scalable enough to challenge new technology. Application may also dramatically change their behavior when used on new technology.

Keep in mind: a proof-of-concept is not reality, but some kind of modeling reality - like each benchmark. The results are becoming invalid, when application software changes.