Customer Value

  • Requirements met from day one
  • Short design and implementation phase
  • Comprehensible decisions

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System Architecture

The starting point for the technical system architecture is the application architecture and the business requirements. Based on that, we develop:

  • Platform Architecture: standards and principles to be followed for high availability, disaster recovery, capacity planning, benchmarking, hardware configuration, distributed services, data exchange, security, auditing and accounting.
  • Component Selection Criteria: server, storage, operating system, and database system.
  • Operating Infrastructure: standards and procedures for workload management, performance monitoring, service level validation, backup and recovery, data life cycle, data access.

This approach is originally based on Oracle's Enterprise Architecture Method and will be continuously enhanced to reflect technological changes.

Benchware runs benchmarks together with hardware vendors on a regular basis. We share this unique knowledge, how to set up systems and how to optimize Oracle systems in combination with new technologies, with our customers.